The Student Services Department at the International College of Broadcasting can provide assistance to currently enrolled students and graduates. Services of the department include job placement assistance and guidance to students and graduates as they seek employment in the broadcasting field. This is not a guarantee of employment or a minimum starting salary. No one is authorized by the school to make such guarantees.

Part-time job placement assistance is available to students currently attending classes. Students desiring this service should establish and maintain contact with the Student Services Department.


Advice and guidance are available to students through academic and administrative personnel. The Faculty and Staff of the International College of Broadcasting are professional men and women who are willing to devote the necessary time to students who seek individualized assistance.

Each instructor is available to help students resolve academic problems, which may be interfering with satisfactory progress. The Financial Aid Officer may be consulted with any questions or concerns pertaining to the financing of a student’s education. The Student Services Officer can assist with all aspects of the job search through successful employment.


The International College of Broadcasting will assist any student desiring to find housing while attending the college. We have many students who relocate to the Dayton area to attend ICB. Our goal is to assist students in finding clean, affordable, safe housing near the college. If you need assistance with housing, finding a roommate, or ride-sharing please contact the Student Services Department.